Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Pregnant Mind

            pregnant mind
All people have some dreams in Their  mind.
And every person have a Opportunity to fulfill their dreams because its our birthright.
Our mine is just like a Womb and our dreams is just like a Kiddy and we just like
a pregnant mum.
So it's our responsibility how can we save our dream,how we to fulfill our dreams.
For mum not easy  to keep the child  nine months in the womb, but ,she keep nine months,because she love their Kiddy and she Sincerely want for fullfill her dreams.
For Kiddy ,she struggles nine months Without the lose courage and  after nine months ,her  hard work brings a good news that, she mother has become.
Nine months not easy for her ,but ,she struggles every time for fullfill her dream and she get success.
Somethings she failed ,it painful for her ,but she  did not dare lose and try again for her dream and one day she get success.
So, if we have a dreams then we try without losing our dare to fulfill our dreams.

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