Friday, July 29, 2016

Secrete of Nude

               Secrete of Nude
First  i say to all that ,what is means" Secret"
And what means "Nude"
According to all "Secret" means hide for all, except me
And "Nude" means without anything.
Ok , according to you ,nude means without anything, that means
a thing which  is natural.
For example  human  at the born Time , without any clothes.
So we say nude guy.its too simple, without clothes that means Nude.
Ok , above example is too clear Nude means natural.
So dear friends today i explain  the Secret of "Time"and" Life".
According to Proverb "Life wait for Time,Time is never wait for Life(you)" but
In my opinions " Life never wait for Time ,but,Time always wait for Life"
After you read this Line ,you think he is totally mad,he has no option for change.
But think again about what is the secret of time , what is Nude of Time .
And i think it and and totally surprised of this fact
The Proverb which is used for time is totally wrong,
And the fact is totally opposite to "Time" Proverb.
I find ,i get that Time always wait for you always Wait for Life.
For a simple  example_
A child take maximum 9 month for Born,
But some time ,take 6 months, 7months ,8 months ect.
So how can i say that Life wait for time .
No totally wrong Proverb used for Time.
Life came every time.
Again a simple example in our Life _
Our  Life is defined that we live 60 years,70 years etc but  its not defined that what
Time is last time for us.
We can  die sometimes, it's not defined.
Simple its  not defined.
You feel every time , everywhere,that we not wait for
Time , Time always wait for us.
So friends i have no doubt , its my clear cut  opinions about "Time and "Life"
Thank you.

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