Friday, February 12, 2016

Now Day Love is Nothing

Now Day Love is Nothing,only waste of time.Because if you feel this another side ,what you do?Nothing .
you do nothing except Romance and Sex .And if you think that  it is enough for my Life ,you totally wrong Because  the  God give us this life for special purpose .
So a question is arise ,what should we do?
ya i know Sex is a Natural event and it is most important for our human being .
Love and Sex both are related to each other.
But now day we use Love word only Sex and Romance .
But Love is not a word ,this is a Feeling of two heart and this feeling is too divine and it live in our Heart whole Life without any wants.
But we use this Feeling in a word  "Love" for Sex and Romance .It is not good for Human being .
Why i say this Line ?,you all's know  

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