Sunday, January 31, 2016


Life Always give us a Challenge  and  It is Responsibility to us That We Finish it

Monday, January 25, 2016

we never live among the death people

we never live among the death people because when we live among the death people,our soul will be death.Soul live in our body but we make soulless person.But God give life for enjoying the beauty of world and do for it .So we never want that our soul will be death and make a death people/person.
But our thinking that soul never death.
so why i am saying that the soul will be death after live among the death people.But we remembered that soul is pure,that means soul unmixed.soul free from stain .When we born ,God give us Stainless soul,and our soul lives Stainless until we do not do bad work.that means a work which hurt any people.when we do this type of work then our soul goes close to Stain and we not stop and we do this type of work continue,our soul totally make stain soul and soul death slowly slowly.
Our soul Death for many reason.But a big reason is that my selfishness.And second big reason is that when we live among death people that means people who do bad work always .
so i say we never live among the Death people .

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Life is just a Play

जाम पियु पर नशा हो तेरे नाम का, तो जाम का क्या काम।
ख्वाब देखे अपने लिए पर ख्वाबो मे आप आए,तो ख्वाबों का क्या काम।
खुदा को याद करु पर यादो मे आप हो तो खुदा का क्या  काम।
जिन्दगी जियु अपने लिए,पर धडकन धडके आपके लिए ,तो इस जिन्दगी का क्या काम।
चलो फिर से जि लेते है एक जिन्दगी,पर इस जिन्दगी मे आप ना हो तो इस जिन्दगी का क्या काम॥