Thursday, August 25, 2011

Support Anna Hazare

Support Anna Hazare If you value your nation . show it.
Anna is helping us remove
corruption from our country. Its
our turn to have a
reformation.Anna We Are With
You Forward to friends Add ur voice with Anna Hazare in
the fight against corruption.
Support Anna in favour of Jan-
Lokpal bill. Forward this sms to ur
friends Forward to friends I support Anna Hazare. If you
support Anna Hazare too,
forward this message to
everyone. Forward to friends My whole-hearted support to
Anna Hazare! We need a freedom
struggle against corruption! Forward to friends Anna . Adarshwadi, Nisthawan,
Nishpaksh, Andhi! Awaj Nahi Ye
Andhi Hai, Anna to Aaj Ka Gandhi

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