Thursday, August 25, 2011

Suppor Anna Hazare

Support Anna Hazare We were missin Gandhiji but he
sent Anna Hazare. Thank u
Gandhi for sendin him for our 2nd
freedom. Jai Hind. Forward to friends Our New Gandhi, Anna Hazare
needs you! Get Up! U r a part of
the world.s biggest
Democracy.Today we can remove
corruption from India. Forward to friends Fight Against Corruption - in the
mind, in the words, in our souls.
Lets salute our New Gandhi Anna
Hazare. Anna We Are With You, All
the way! Forward to friends Anna tum khade raho, bas yunhi
ade raho, Anna we support you
and we will be with you every
step of the wayKrishna jinka
naam hai, gokul jinka dham hai.
Aise shri bhagvan ko hum sab ka pranam hai! Surrender 2 Lord
Krishma & he will make ur life
Sublime. Forward to friends Ye Anna nahi ek Aandhi hai. Desh
ka dusra Gandhi hai. Sarkari
lokpal dhokha hai, Desh bachalo
moka hai. Support ANNA HAZARE.
Jai hind

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