Thursday, November 27, 2014

The virtual world of the Internet

                                The virtual world of the Internet
We believe the real world to the virtual world of the Internet are going .
The virtual world of the Internet makes us vulnerable and being  aggressive .
We value our  real life begins to have more and more virtual life.
Internet  Gaming  and social media, where  Gaming  provide  us different types of Game to play,  social media allows us to make many new friends with people.
And in Virtual world of the Internet ,We spend our precious time to chat with people whom we do not know.
And  reason of these unknown people ,we don’t give our time for our nearby friends and our family  and that reason we are going to cut to him.
However, Internet Games makes us physical  weak because we gives  too much time in this types of Gaming  and that reason, we do not do any physical exertion.

If we are not left out of the virtual world as possible, so that the day is not far when ,we will lagging in three way physical,  Mental and social.