Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Who IS Hindu

A Question arise in my mind,who is Hindu because i am an Indian,
Know, who is Hindu but first know that,who came first Hindu, Hindi or Hindustan and it is a big question and it's simple answer  Hindustan came first,so we first know Hindustan, I already say that i am an Indian. The Hindustan is not a piece of land ,The Hindustan is our mother land .The Hindustan is just like Ocean  because Ocean accept all river water without any Discrimination.In a Similar Way Hindustan accept all Creed,Language,People and so on, not any Discrimination.So we say that  my Motherland  say you not Segregate between People,Language,Creed and so on . But the Hindi follow the Rule,the Theory,the Way of Hindustan. Hindi Came after Hindu but Hindi  know and understand where i born and what say my Mother Land .But Some Hindu are not understand what her Mother Land Say.
Who Follow the way of her Mother Land ,he is a Real  Hindu.
Hindu means ,who accept all Creed ,People,Language and so on.
A Real Hindu is best Example of Secular .